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Have you ever wondered who or what Orion is? Or what he looked liked?

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The Effects of texting

Today, kids as well as adults like to text, not only can it affect the education a student receives, but it also can affect your health. How can something as simple as texting affect your body?

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Team America

The 2012 Team America Rocketry Challenge offers new difficulty to the new eight grade students.

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Learn what hispanic heritage month is about…

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Dress Code and Behavior Expectations

Dress code and other campus expectations are reviewed to help refresh student memories.

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U.S. Satellite coming down early

Parts of a giant U.S. satellite are to plummet to Earth around September 23, a day earlier than what was expected. The Scientific American reports that the object the size of a small bus is set to plunge to Earth somewhere between Thursday and Saturday. The chances of the satellite hitting someone is approximately 3200 – 1 . These chances […]

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