Smart Vending Machines?

According to Japan’s vending machine companies yes. New vending machines in Japan have been equipped with 47 inch touch screens and new devices to suggest the proper product for it’s customer.

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Tensions in Pakistan Rising

Pakistan has halted relations with the US on Monday after a NATO aircraft killed almost two dozen Pakistani Soldiers.

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Vietnam’s Wild Javan Rhinos Extinct

According to the World Wildlife Fund the last wild Javan rhino in Vietnam was killed by illegal poaching.

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Thailand Floods!

Large areas of north Thailand are now underwater and there is no sign of it draining soon.

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Al Shabaab In Somalia

The Al Shabaab are a terrorist group that has control over most of Somalia. Somalia is now the most dangerous country in the world because it has not had a formal government since 1991.

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Snowstorm Buries Northeast!

Residents of Northeastern states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts were buried in snow over the last few days when an unexpected snowstorm blew in during late October.

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