Where Am I Headed Again?

Back to school is always an anxious, stressful, fun, exciting, and confusing time of year. Students have to get back into the swing of things after being lazy all summer break. This means meeting all the new teachers, saying ‘hello’ to old friends, being introduced to new ones, and finding a way to get your homework done every night. With the new schedule change you can add one more thing to that list.

This year the passing periods will be shortened from seven minutes to five minutes. For the incoming freshman not only do they have to figure out the layout of the campus, they have to discover all the neat little short cuts of the school. Making it across campus in seven minutes was hard, so here are some tips for in between classes.

If you stay after class to talk to your teacher, even if it is only for a minute, ask for a pass. If they say, oh your class can’t be that far, just tell them it’s on the other side of the campus. Better be safe than sorry.

Some freshmen don’t really know the layout of the ISA building. There are two exits, one on each side of the main courtyard. Be careful going through the ISA building, everyone and their mother uses these hallways. Also, kids love to sit on the floors and eat, you may get someone’s lunch all over your brand new Vans! A nice alternative is going through the gym building. It usually doesn’t have much traffic, and it is a nice way to make it from the cafeteria courtyard to the main building.

When heading to the NESA building from the cafeteria area, you don’t have to go through the ISA building to the front courtyard then through the main doors. Simply go through the back doors which will bring you by the theater and a vending machine that seems to not like bills or change. Just be careful when walking through that walkway towards the door, when it rains it’s like walking across and ice rink. Just a suggestion, don’t where sandals when there is a possibility of rain, there have been numerous girls who had to go to class with a wet backside.

Lee’s campus has a rain issue. When it rains enough, there is a huge water fall off of the NESA building. Be aware when walking around there. Also, the walk-way covers that are built around the cafeteria and STEM building tend to leak, a lot. Bring an umbrella at the chance of rain!

Being new at a school can always be difficult, just find a groove and stick with it. Make year 2011 a successful one!

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