Bands Put On Awesome Show

A Box Full of Memories

Seventeen bands performed at the White Rabbit Friday, Sept. 17. They put on an amazing show as they lit up the stage.

The White Rabbit regularly schedules bands to perform. Their website is and more concert information is available there.

Ricardo’s Pizzaria is near the White Rabbit and I suggest you go there after the shows.


  • First Heal
  • Another Song For A girl
  • Box Full of Memories
  • Set the Scene
  • Killa kid
  • Up For anything
  • Man up, kid
  • Solar Compromise
  • Jaren Cooper
  • King Kris
  • Get lifted
  • Sober Falls
  • Zipline Conspracy
  • Through The Ashes And Invory
  • A Midnight Getaway
  • Angie Parker
  • Fall Of September
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