New Year, New Schedule

Lee High School

The new school brings back old traditions and new beginnings. A change to the schedule is one of those new beginnings. School now starts at 8:45 am and ends at 4:05 pm. Unlike the block schedule students will meet with all of their classes once everyday.

“There will be an adjustment period for everyone,” Principal Michael Cardona said, “But this is what we have to deal with and I am confident that we can be very successful this year with the new schedule.”

Although so many of the students are used to the block schedule things needed to be changed from issues had in previous years.

“We can not have the tardies that we previously had and students will either adjust or get behind quickly in their classes,” Cardona said, “Most students will have no problems, but there is a small minority that will have a learning curve”

While it may be difficult to get on the right tracks at the beginning, some can relate the new schedule to middle school schedules. This will hopefully make it easier to adapt to for some of the younger students at Lee, and within the district.

“I like the new schedule and it will be hectic at first, but it is my expectation that everyone adjust quickly. Almost every student at one time or another spent time in a middle school that followed a similar schedule so this shouldn’t be a major adjustment for our freshman and sophomores,” Cardona said. “I think being in class every day will help all of our students and I look forward to a great year.”

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