OCTOBER Movie Preview





-Let Me In 

-The Social Network


-Down Terrace 

-Inside Job

-I Spit on Your Grave 

-Life as We Know It

-Nowhere Boy



-Tamara Drewe

-Today’s Special 





-The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

-Jackass 3D



-The Company Men 



-Paranormal Activity 2 


-The Kids Grow Up 


-My Soul to Take 

-Saw 3D

-Waste Land 

The Bugle’s Call: Top 3 MUST SEE

Movies for OCTOBER

1. The Social NetworkIt seems nowadays everyone has a Facebook…everyone and their mother, uncle, gynecologist and grandmother. This is the story of how this social networking site came to be and maybe, just maybe, it will illuminate where our lives went after we started spending numerous hours playing Farmville and taking ‘What Kind of Fruit are You?’ quizzes. 

2. Nowhere Boy For every Beatle fan there is a specific Beatle they love the most. Whether it be charming McCartney, quiet Harrison, forgotten Starr, or John Lennon. This is for the Lennon fans. The biopic follows an adolescent John through the beginnings–the start of his first band The Quarrymen and then the dawn of the Beatles.

3. Let Me In The Swedish film Let The Right One In was sick, frightening and bloody brilliant. America and Great Britain decided to sink their Hollywood teeth into the material and came out with their own version.  Everyone should forget vampire fatigue and give this a chance. If it stinks, we always have the original. 

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