New Tardy Policy Causes Frustrations

Teachers are happy about the Tardy Center results.

With the new schedule change students have to find a way to make it to class in five minutes. That is two minutes less compared to last year that students don’t have to weave their way through the cluttered halls. Students find all of this as frustrating while the administration feels it should just, work.

Students have been used to seven minute passing periods, and the freshmen are used to smaller campuses with about the same time passing periods from middle school. Lee is a huge campus, and it is very difficult to make it from point A to point B within five minutes.

When kids are rushing through the halls administrators and teachers constantly tell them, “Hurry up you only have one minute left!” There is a problem with that, teachers want the students to hurry, but they can’t run. Fast walking isn’t nearly as effective when trying to get from one end of the hall to the other when you only have 30 seconds left.

Considering students have to travel just as far to their classes as last year with shorter passing periods, this makes the new tardy policy a bit harsh. There is only two warnings, after that tardies three and four are detention, then it’s shipped off to ISS.

What about those students who have classes in the STEM building then very inconveniently have their next period on the third floor of the main building?

With a combination of distance, crowded halls, four flights of stairs, and only five minutes to make it to class, it makes it near impossible to get to class on time. 

This new policy also causes problems for teachers. They must inconveniently sit out in the halls and round the students up once the bell has rung. Teachers need time to grade papers, prepare for future classes, and there are many things teachers have to do in their free time for the district or for the administrators.

 Teachers only get one conference period which has now been shortened to 50 minutes, making things just that more time restricted. Now add the 15 minutes they sit out in the halls dealing with tardy students.

Students are stressed as it is, and with the shorter classes they work up to the bell. That isn’t a bad thing but when 30 seconds of time is wasted because kids have to put everything back in their bags and then get out the door.

The new tardy policy is harsh and it is very difficult for students to make it to class on time. Some students don’t try to be tardy but with the new time restrictions it just creates problems, and helps students rack up the tardies.

If the school really wanted fewer tardies, maybe keeping the warnings but giving passing periods one extra minute would help. The students need the structure but the time restraints just aggravate the student body. The school can find new ways to keep a strong hand while having proper leniency. Being the “bad guy” in the students eyes isn’t going to help.

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