STEM Hosts Blood Drive

The people of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center had quite a busy day on Sept. 3. Their goal for the day was 165 units of blood. Although they did not reach their goal, they obtained 145 units of blood, and broke a record with 22 symbol procedures, the most any high school has produced.

Some donors said they were not going to dontate because, “that blood is most likely to expire on a shelf than save a life” But, according to a specialist,  John Gallegos the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center sends blood to over 100 hospitals in 48 counties. He said even though the shelf life of blood is at max only 6 weeks, blood is never wasted.

In fact, there is always a shortage of blood. South Texas Blood and Tissue Center alone has to come up with at least 600 units of blood daily to keep up with the hospitals they supply.

Cristy Delgado was the specialist in charge of the blood drive. She said the only requirements to donate was that students need be at least 16 years old, and should weigh over 120 lbs. and a parental consent form.  For those 17 and over, they must  weigh at least 110 lbs. and need to be in good general health.

Some high schools reward seniors who donate blood 6 times in high school with red chord special honors at graduation.

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