Big Brother Peyton Manning Shows He Is Still “The MAN”ning In NFL

Manning Manning Manning. If you watched the game last night that’s the name that was said at least 1000 times in the game. As Big Brother Peyton and the Colts took on Little Brother Eli and the Giants. This game was not as close as the last time these brothers met in 2006.

Peyton Manning and his Colts have been told they have no running game. Last night, Peyton Manning  and the Colts ran the ball more than 40 times. Most in the Peyton Manning Era Colts had the usual 200 to 300 passing yards and 146 rushing yards when the Colts run the ball like that there is really no stopping them. They have a great passing game and  they have always had that stats and facts prove it.
Colts have one of the best QB’s in NFL history very classy athlete hard working and he gets better and better each game. Colts had a great night; as for the Giants this game helped them because its better to get beaten in a game like this early in the season so that way you know where your team is.

Eli Manning was just shutdown by the Colts defense as the Colts go 1-1 and Giants go 1-1. Peyton Manning looking to get his team back to Super Bowl and so is Eli who knows we might see the Manning Bowl at the Super Bowl.

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