The Bugle’s Call: Top 5 MUST SEE Movies for SEPTEMBER

The Bugle’s Call: Top 5 MUST SEE

Movies for SEPTEMBER

1. Never Let Me Go Based on the acclaimed dystopian novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, the film focuses on three children, their boarding school and the haunting truths exposed outside of its idyllic walls. It stars new Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightly, and It-Girl Carey Mulligan.


2. Easy AEmma Stone fakes it with the sorry geeks at her high school. A virgin herself, she embraces her new reputation–a lie that leads her life to resemble her high school assigned reading of “The Scarlet Letter”.

3. It’s Kind of a Funny StorySo there’s this clinically depressed teenage boy who decides to check himself into a mental ward, but turns out the teen wing is closed, and he ends up with the adults where he learns a lot about life and himself. Yeah, it’s kind of a funny story that should be seen.

4. The TownBen Affleck directs and stars in another gritty, Boston flick about a close group of bank robbers who are being chased by seasoned a seasoned FBI agent. One of the men, Affleck’s character, falls in love with a woman his gang held hostage. Difficulties ensue…

5. BuriedA man wakes up in a box, not remembering how he got there, with nothing but a cell phone, a knife and a lighter. The box is buried six feet underneath the ground. Ryan Reynolds fills the the screen as the unfortunate truck driver. Let’s hope he’s not claustrophobic.

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