Cell Phone Tragedy Leads To Good

A few days ago, I lost something many people hold near and dear to their pockets-my cell phone. At first I panicked because 1) it might be in the hands of a deviant international caller bent on using up my reamaining minutes and 2) my dad will probably kill me.

Luckily, neither turned out to be the case; Altough my phone is still out there somewhere, scared and lost, I was able to deactivate it with a quick  call to the phone company. I also found out that my two-year contract had expired, so any phone company (and their phone) was up for grabs. I decided that it was a good time to start searching around for the best deals among the popular brands of cell phones.

Deciding on what cell phone to purchase depends on your own personal taste, style, what features you want, and what super-cool phone you can afford with your plan, so choose wisely.

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