Q & A with Cardona

Principal Michael Cardona answers serious questions about the Lee Campus 


What are your expectations for 2010-2011?

Hopefully, we will raise our expectations and remain Recognized for this year.  I would also like to see our commended performance increase and I would like to have our AP students take more tests and achieve greater 3’s or better.  I expect that we will have a learning year in regards to the 8 period day and we will adjust, as necessary.  I expect that our student attendance will increase 1/2 a percent.  We need for everyone to be in school everyday.

What are the new policies students should know about?

The main policy change is implementing Start on Time, which will hopefully encourage students to be in class on time.  We understand that the five minute passing period is tough, hopefully we can make some adjustments in our traveling patterns and find new ways to get to class.  Also this year, students disrupting school with major fights will automatically be sent to Alternative High School for sixty days. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and students will be removed immediately.


Do you know how many pep rallies we are going to have this year?

We will be having at least 10 pep rallies during football and some more for future events. We would like to honor all of our athletes with some type of pep rally. 

Is there anything you are going to do to improve school spirit?

I guess the question should be, “What are students doing to improve school spirit?”  We have encouraged students to attend all types of games, but it has to be the students who internalize our new attitude and come on out to support everyone.  Our football team, will be going back to the old tradition of marching to the buses and everyone is encouraged to go out and cheer them on. Our new head coach sent out information to all the teachers regarding this.  We will also be having the Lee-esta once again and I encourage everyone to get involved.


How do you think the new bell schedule is affecting the students and the teachers?

The new bell schedule is a major change and there will be a transition time.  It will take some time, but we are Volunteers and we do what we need to do to make Robert E. Lee a great place to be.  For the ninth graders, this schedule is not that different than middle school.  The biggest effect for teachers is teaching under this new constraint but we have great teachers and they will adjust. 
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