Saw You At The Pole

Joshua Oviedo, guitarist for city church, performs as students sing.

7:30 in the morning. The sound of a guitar tuning can be heard coming from the front of Lee. Curious spectators congregate towards the pre-setup concert. The lead singer (Justin) introduces himself and the band. A small pause, and then the air explodes with music and lyrics. The crowd awakens and begins to jump and clap to the beat, and a few try to sing along even though they don’t know the lyrics, everyone sings their heart’s song.

“See you at the pole was a great and powerful experience. Im grateful for the number of people that came, everyone made the experience better,” Nathan Quintanillas said.

Students participating in prayer.

And it’s true, the sense of euphoria was overwhelming, not just because of the music, but because of what the event was about. Prayer at school has been a hot topic in elections, but it does seem to show signs of  calming down. The Assistant principal Caprica Wells  allowing the event at all is a beacon of hope for those who want to pray  in public schools. And it’s not just Lee, “See You At The Pole” is a national event.

More and more schools are opening up to the idea that a little prayer here and there won’t hurt. The future of prayer in school is that much brighter because of events like this.  Once again thank you to all who came, and helped make this possible.

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