Kindle vs. Nook

eBooks are starting to become the new way to read any book. With many stores online that sell eBooks, people have to decide which eBook reader they’re going to get.

Two rival eBook readers are the Kindle and Nook.

Price: $189
Weight: 8.5 oz
Battery Life
With Wifi On: 2 days
With Wifi Off: 2 weeks
Screen Resolution: 1200 x 824 pixels

Price: $199
Weight: 12.1 oz
Battery Life
With Wifi On: 4 days
With Wifi Off: 2 days
Screen Resolution: 600×800 pixels

Kindle 5/5 stars
Nook 2/5 stars

Why the lower rating for the Nook? It has a very short battery life compared to the Kindle. Also the Kindle supports a 3G and Wifi connection while the Nook only supports Wifi.

Being able to access a 3G connection is useful when not near a Wifi hotspot. The Kindle has a better screen, and costs less.

I would recommend a Kindle.

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