NFL Week 3 Lives Up To the Hype

Lets start with defending AFC Champions Indianapolis Colts. They are back to the old Colts winning by double digit points Peyton Manning passing over 300 yards this future hall of famer gets the job done he always makes any receiver a good target and last night he found another target to throw to Austin Collie who caught 176 receiving yards and two TDs as Colts go 2-1. 

Now lets move to the Cincinnati Bengals the “duo” batman (T.O) and Robin (Ocho Cinco) and the QB Alfred the butler (Carson Palmer) Bengals take care of Panthers. Pete Carroll and his Sea hawks beat the Chargers in a great game.

One of the teams that has surprised me is the Kansas City Chiefs they are taking care of business up there with franchise QB Matt Cassel as they beat 49’s and Chiefs go  3-0. Mr. CJ2K and Vince Young just dismantled the Giants and CJ2K Chris Johnson runs all over the Giants. 

Ravens just do what they do best and thats dominate on defense with there leader 15 year veteran Ray Lewis hasn’t lost a step Ray Lewis still has a lot left and he has been showing why he is a future hall of famer. 

The Patriots have a hard time in this game but get it done and win against the bills. Favre and the Vikings they beat Lions but really didn’t show they are a NFC contender.

New York JETS they have had a lot of trouble the past week wide receiver go’s to jail for DUI and then a reporter said she was harassed by JETS players in locker verbally and the JETS just put that behind them and they play Football great team a good contender in AFC  they beat two division rivals in a row but JETS players just stay out of trouble. 

Now the Philadelphia Eagles wow Michael Vick has proved he is back and he hasn’t lost a step three passing Touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown and Eagles sore in there game. We still need tonights game on Monday Night Football going to be a great game 2 undefeated teams and division rivals going great game

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