PTA Doesn’t Meet Greenback Quota

PTA hosts Greenback night, something that happens once a year that collaborates with Meet The Teachers Night. It is the main PTA fundraiser for the year.

“All the monies go to the PTA programs including Project Graduation, Arts in Education, Red Ribbon Week, Senior Breakfast, Blossom Scholarship, and the Formally Yours Prom Dress Program.” said Esther Foster, Lee Campus PTA President.

This year they made about 2,000 dollars, to use for all PTA programs, while their goal was originally somewhere around 4,000. “This year, we made it half-way to our goal whereas in past years, the goal is usually reached.” said Foster.

There are ways that you can help PTA meet their goal, mainly one of the ways is to get involved. PTA’s success is completely dependent upon the involvement of the students, parents, and teachers.

“PTA is in the process of forming a Student Advisory Committee that will allow students to have input on the types of programs PTA provides for the Lee Campus. I encourage students to join and get involved to help us improve our campus,” said Foster. “We welcome student volunteers. I can be contacted at (210) 880-5104 or”

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