Jammin’ for Peace Day

115 members strong, Peace Jam plans to take on challenges facing the global community.

“It’s more powerful when things are done for not just yourself,” Kylie Smith, the head of the leadership team, said, “It’s about becoming aware and following through.”

Peace Jam is hopeful for a productive year, planning for future projects with local animal shelters and possibly, an international trip to make a more global impact.

Their first event was a screening of Jeremy Gilley’s 82-minute documentary, The Day After Peace on the United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21st. Ideally,

Using such star power as Angelina Jolie and Jude Law,

Creative ideas like these are instrumental in Peace Jam, pushing members to propose projects that could potentially change the world, or at the very least help others – which is the important part anyway.

General reaction to the film was positive, with many commenting on how it changed the way they saw the world.

“It made me feel not so ‘small’,” junior Emma Baltuskonis said. “If one man can save many lives starting with just one idea, no idea seems impossible.”

Peace Jam meets every other Thursday in room 802.

View the trailer or get more information on Peace One Day.


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