Is iPad Worth It?

iPad, the newest edition to the Mac family, has been a craze ever since it came out last spring. With a bigger screen and added accessories, the iPad is sure to take up your spare time. With all the new perks must come a down side; unfortunately, there isn’t a camera and after writing a paper, you can’t immediately print it.

All of the apps that are included with an iPhone are still available for purchase on the iPad. My favorite application is the Netflix app. After signing up for the site, I can access movies then and there on my iPad. There are thousands of photography applications that can help you edit your photos.

Some new accessories that are included with the iPad are the camera cable cord, where you can upload your pictures straight from your camera, or camera SD card, onto your iPad. The maps application is also really helpful if you ever need to get somewhere, it’s like a portable Tom Tom in your hands! Also, the iBooks app is a big favorite, where there are thousands of free books that you can read as well as many books up for purchase.

Aside from the fact that you can’t print or take pictures, I think the iPad is definitely worth the money if you are looking for a miniature laptop that’s half as expensive as a desktop.


The iPad offers a sleek design with a rotating screen.
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