Lee-ettes Dance With Faculty

Teachers and dance members prepare for the teacher dance.

Several teachers will be dancing with the dance team at the “Ice the Chargers” in-school pep rally and Saturday night football game durning half time.

Dancers went and picked there favorite teachers to dance with them.

“One of my P.A.L.’s , Kim Rodriguez, asked me to dance with her and I feel very honored to share a little bit of her last year as a Rebel Rouser with her!”  Criminal Justice/PALS teacher Jennifer Schaefer said.

Practice was held Tuesday and Thursday for teachers to learn the moves.

“I think spending time with Tiffany, the other Lee-ettes, and my fellow teachers.  It’s fun to switch roles and learn from the dancers- they are the true experts. ” Social Studies Teacher  Rachel Gish said.

Every student will be gathered in the gym to see the dance.

“The crowd at the actual game doesn’t make me nervous at all, it’s the pep

rally that can be intimidating! Knowing that all of  your students are basically

laughing at us as we try to remember the moves and not make a fool out of ourselves!” Schaefer said.

The game will be at Comalander Stadium at 7pm.

“I am looking forward to the game.  I enjoy being on the field.

It helps to be far away from everyone so I don’t look to foolish.” Principle Cardona said.

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