Heifer Ranch: Tips for the Trip

“Use regular wood, not bamboo…it blows up!”

– Hunter Jackson, 10th

One of the living quarters in the Global Villages at Heifer Ranch is a broken down bus.

Coming this November, freshman ISA students will be traveling to the Global Villages at Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas. For two days, they will live in a simulation of a third world country where they will have to cook their own food, battle the elements, and work together to create a way to live together.

To prepare for this trip, sophomore, junior and senior ISA students and teachers will be providing advice for the freshman over the next four weeks leading up to the trip.


“Watch a lot of Man vs. Wild and learn how to start a fire! Or else, there’ll a bunch trying to start one with a match.” – Riley Francis, 10th

“When you wake up in the morning, your new clothes are going to be cold, so put them in your sleeping bag the night before. It’s weird but it’s okay!” – Jenna Katims, 11th

“The best tip I can give you is bring old clothes and layers, also practice a three minute shower, you might surprise yourself how much it’ll help. ” – Laurie Smith, Freshman English

“Bring socks, a lot of socks; bring more than one pair of socks, bring three pairs of socks or else your feet will get all wet and cold!” – Shoshana Cohen, 10th



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