New Maggie Stiefvater Book ‘Shiver’ is One You Can’t Put Down

Shiver is the best book on this planet and we may sound lame talking about a book but it is the bomb, seriously.

Maggie Stiefvater’s new book came out earlier this year and made it to number 9 on the New York Time’s Best Seller’s List. 

The book holds the readers captivated in a world full of suspense and no one thinks they will cry, but they will.

Every person that I have known who has read this book cries, it’s just that good. Once someone picks it up, they can not put it down. It’s better than Twilight. True story. Well Twilight is alright. But this is just truly good.

Shiver is about a girl named Grace who lives in a small town that boarders some woods. She’s watches the wolves from her back window. But she mostly watches just one wolf, Sam. One day something happens and puts Sam’s life is in great danger. And it’s all up to Grace to save him. Read the book to find out what happens.

Here’s a link to the authors website to find out more about the book.

Here are some pictures of Sarah reading Shiver. (:

Reading it while recycling! 







Read it while waiting in the bathroom. 




  It’s so good, it made Sarah want to cry.






A serious moment in the sun with this enthralling book.



In the hall is the perfect place to read.

Enjoying a funny moment.

Almost done. (:

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