REVIEW: Secretariat


An image from one of the many races in the move The Secretariat.

Time: 116 minutes-Rated:PG-Director:Randall Wallace

Rating: A-

What It’s About:Penny Chenery(Diane Lane) a housewife and mother of four decides when her mother dies she is going to take over her ill fathers stables. Fighting all odds she enters into the horse racing world with little knowledge, but with the help of Lucien Laurin(John Malkovich) they lead Penny’s horse, Big Red(Secretariat), to many victories. For those who know the amazing  story of Secretariat, you know what comes next.

The Review: Inspired by an amazing true story, it’s a very inspirational movie. Throughout the whole two hours I wanted to jump on a horse and go win the Triple Crown. The movie starts off a bit slow, letting you get a feel for the characters and what Penny’s situation is. But when Secretariat is finally born, the movie propels into a suspense filled drama during races that just makes your stomach churn. It is a movie that nearly anyone can/will enjoy.

Penny Chenery(Diane Lane) attempts to hire Lucien Laurin(John Malkovich).

John Malkovich provides much of the comic relief throughout the film, and does a great job with his part as a disenchanted trainer who is trying to retire but is definitely failing, who also has tendencies at serious fashion faux pas.

I took my mother to this movie, and as we walked into the theater she said that the movie wasn’ t only about the Secretariat, but about womens rights as well. I sort of laughed inside, but as I watched the movie it was evident that they wanted to point out that Penny Cherney is a strong independent woman.

It was an overall great movie and I would recommend it to someone if they asked me about the movie and whether it was good or not. It is really a good movie for anyone whether your five or 30 years old, male or female, or if you like horse racing or not, it really doesn’t matter. It’s a good movie that leaves you inspired.

So Should You See It?: Yes, you should. It is enjoyable and well constructed. It’s completely appropriate for anyone, and good fun for the family. It may not be a movie that people will talk about for weeks upon weeks, but it is something that I would suggest seven out of 10 times.

Penny Chenery(Diane Lane) comforts Big Red(Secretariat) before one of the races.

Penny Chenery(Diane Lane) and Secretariat pose together after a victory.

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