What Will You Be Doing This Friday?

Since there isn’t a football game this Friday, where will all you Lee Vols be?

Considering that a football game takes up a good 4-5 hours of your night, the possibilities of what to do are endless.

If you feel like getting spooked, you can take a trip down to Grayson street for Nightmare on Grayson- a state known haunted house that is sure to scare the life out of you.

Other options could be Ice skating or going to see a movie. We have many movie reviews on the Bugle Call website, so before you go out  this weekend to see one, check out our reviews.

You could take a night out on the town and go to dinner on the riverwalk, or take your date bowling. Another favorite between high school students is to go play laser tag at Laser Quest.

For a spontaneous and exciting night, you could come up with a scavenger hunt between you and your friends that would take you downtown, to a grocery store, into the mall, and different places around town.

Either way, the possibilities for Friday night activities are endless and whatever you choose to do, the night will be yours to explore.

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