Lee Theater shows ‘Picnic’ Thursday to Sunday

Lee Theatre has announced the opneing of their first show of the season, “Picnic.” The show opens Thurs, October 21 at 7 p.m. and closes Sunday, Oct 24 at 2:30 with shows Friday and Saturday evening at 7. Ticket reservations are being taken in room 501.

The play, “Picnic,” masterfully captures the lazy, late summer atmosphere of a small, Kansas town. The tranquility and amiable boredom, however, are disrupted by the arrival of Hal, a wayfaring stranger, who arrives to work some odd jobs at Helen Potts’ house.

Hal’s friendliness is not enough to earn the trust of Mrs. Potts’ neighbor, Flo Owens, who remains suspicious of his rough nature and lack of “proper” upbringing. Flo’s daughters, Madge and Millie, meanwhile, struggle to reconcile their own ambitions and self-perceptions with what society expects of them as young women.

Madge in particular, the beauty of the town, grows more and more torn between her requited love for the straight-arrow, A-student Alan Seymour (who enjoys Flo’s approval) and her irrepressible attraction for the escape Hal offers from the staid “perfection” of her life.

Taboos are broken all around as the adults find it ever harder to control the young men and women of postwar America.

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