Cheerleaders should follow dress code

Dress code regulations are too strict on high school students. However, cheerleaders are allowed to wear their extremely short skirts throughout the entire day. Don’t they represent our school? Cheerleaders should set an example to other students with appropriate dress every school day.

Teens tend to rationalize behavior, saying, “If they can wear short skirts then why can’t we?” One suggestion for spirit team members is to wear sweats during school and at the game or pep rally, wear their skirts.

The school dress code was developed for modesty and minimal  distractions, but what is modest about short skirts? To keep it modest they wear sparkly spankies, or spandex shorts, but isn’t that even more distracting?

Some might say that it’s their uniform, and they need to be able to move around easily, but other sports teams don’t wear their uniform on their game days, only at the game do they really need to move around easily.

Cheerleaders should not be allowed to break dress code just because they are cheerleaders. Dress code is supposed to be followed by all NEISD students. Nowhere does it say that cheerleaders can avoid it.

By Maya Russo and Rachel Richter

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