Miami Heat is Hot

The Miami Heat training camp starts today and this team is the most talked about team in the NBA right now. They are getting a lot of hype because they have back to back MVP Lebron James and all-star Chris Bosh and nobody else could be happier then team leader Dwayne Wade. 

Wade has been carrying this team since he won the title in 2006 and he has had to work 10 times harder and score 30 and 40 a night. That can take a toll on a player, especially doing that for 82 games. Then,on toip of that, losing in the playoffs in first round over and over again.

2010 was an historic summer as the Miami Heat signed Lebron James and Chris Bosh. Everybody was really waiting on Lebron James to decide where he is going on “The Decision” which gave ESPN Big Ratings for an one hour long televised event.

Lebron decided to go to Miami and join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, who signed few days befoearlier.

Lebron has been talked about everywhere and his new team Miami getting tons of hype “team to beat” and “Heat vs Lakers.”

He finally speaks out in media day before Miami Heat training camp starts, saying, “championship or bust.”

He also responded to hearing a lot of stuff about him saying he is a sell out and he will never be like Michael Jordan and Kobe and other great players. 

“I respect Jordan and Magic and Bird and all of the other great players to play this game, but I can’t live through these players, I have to live through me and my game.” Lebron showed class by speaking out on how he feels about all these comments. 

As the season is getting closer and closer people and teams are waiting for this team to mess up and lose just to say this team is not living up to hype. Lebron and Wade are ready for it and ready to prove all of the world wrong. NBA 2010-2011 season will start the whole world is ready to see one of the most exciting teams ever.

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