Built To Compete; STEM Robotics Teams Goes To State

The STEM robotics team competed last Saturday October 23, in the SA Best robotics competition. They took away third place and will advance to state.

The competition was held at St. Mary’s University from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The robotics team have been preparing and working extremely hard to finish their robot.

Josh O, Daniel J, and Mark J make final touches on the robot

The goal of this competition was to create a robot that could collect different colored golf balls and carry them to the spotter (a human player). Then the human player would quickly sift through the colored golf balls, sorting them by color. The human player would put the black colored golf balls into a small cart that the robot had to take back to the finish line of the field. Once this task was complete, the robot had to pick up a cone, and place it into a holder, upside down.

Robot placing a cone in the cone holder for points

As soon as the robot inserted the cone in the holder, it would quickly move to a different section of the field. Here, the robot would scan a row of plastic eggs, trying to find an egg with a magnet with in it. When the robot discovered the egg with the magnet, it would grab the egg, and place the egg inside the upside down cone.

The competition was long and frustrating. Work was done on the robot throughout the competition, making modifications, and fixing parts to create the best robot there.

Josh O. and Ben M. work together, trying to get the robot to pick up a cone

STEM's third place winning robot

In the end the whole team was more than happy with the outcome of the competition. Overall the STEM robotics team placed third, and will be advancing to the state competition in Denton Texas in a few weeks. The team will be competing against the best state wide.

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