Lebron James Commercial Worth Seeing

In this commercial Lebron just takes shots at everyone. He said constantly “what should i do”? Lebron has been taking a lot of negative stuff towards him and has been talked about the whole summer and fall. Lebron has been hearing leaving was dumb and was called a coward and he won’t win a tittle “blah blah blah” that’s all I hear.

My opinion is Lebron is a smart man he knows what he’s doing and who wouldn’t take advantage of the situation to play with one of the top 5 players in the world (Wade) and then being one of the top 2  players in the world your self (Lebron). In the commercial he said a lot “what should i do” and then would answer with something funny or getting back at someone.

Lebron also said “should i be who you want me to be” and “should i tell you how much fun we had” or at the hall of fame he said “well this went well” and Lebron takes a shot at Charles Barkley and said “Should i tell you i am not a role model,” “hey chuck” while he is eating a doughnut. This commercial is great Lebron does not have to do what his so called “fans” who acted immature about Lebron leaving.

Lebron finally sais “or should i be what you want me to be” those words are true about all of the negative people. Lebron and the Heat have lost there season opener but this game was how i though it was going to be. They don’t have chemistry as a team  yet with Wade missing the whole preseason Lebron looked like how was in Cleveland carrying his team trying to win no help from Wade or no help from Bosh. But this team will only get better and when they get to the team they want to be it is going to be hard to beat them.

The player with the most pressure is Lebron if this Heat team doesn’t win Lebron will get the Heat only reason is because Wade has a ring and Bosh is not a superstar he is a good player but not a Howard or Duncan. Lebron will lead this team to being a scary team to play they are going to blow out teams don’t let this Heat and Celtics game fool you the Celtics are team top beat in the Eastern Conference and there team has a great defense. Miami Heat will get better each day and each game they play.

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