Glee: Season 2.5 “Rocky Horror Glee Show” Recap


The risque cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show

– What I call: ‘creepers’ of the night montage.

– Finn walks down the hallway in his costume for the show

-Figgins worried about

– entrat

– Becky says, “Rocky Horror is an abomination,” parroting Sue’s “Gimme some chocolate or I will cut you.”

– Confrontation with Sue, leads Will to cancel the performance for audience, just themselves

–  h2h Emma, promises to back off – for now.

– Apologizing, plot analysis and sociocultural effect of the episode –  “Rocky Horror is the best show for this Glee Club.”

-Ended with the “Time Warp” – it’s okay, guys, I can’t do it either – even if it is just a jump to the left.

Episode Director: Adam Shankman

Best Comedic Timing:

Best Quotes: Sam Evans – “golden board shorts or something?”/ “Darn those Cool Ranch Doritoes”

Glee-dback: Best Rocky Horror Character?

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