Miami Dominates The Weekend

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh

Miami Heat dominated this weekend as they beat Orlando Magic by 23 points and then beat the New Jersey Nets.

Lebron and Wade both had big games with 20 points, but the most impressive win was against power house Orlando as the Heat destroyed the Magic.

The Heat frustrated Dwight Howard who fouled out midway in the 4th quarter. They did what everyone had been waiting for to dominate in games as there first 2 games of the season were horrible games for the big 3 (Lebron,Wade, Bosh) as they combined 52 points 15 turnovers in first game.

The next three games were wins the first win wasn’t all that great but the last two games the Heat just played up to the hype. The Heat dominate as the big three all have double digits in the games. As the Heat “get to trick or treat” on Sunday.

The Heat will play against Timber Wolves tonight lets see how the Heat will play against what Michael Beasley said his team is the worst team in the NBA. So this should be practice for the Heat just get there players to play better together.

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