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Hal Carter (J.T Menchaca) officially meets Flo Owens (Meghan McCarthy)


   Allied Campuses Theatre proudly present PICNIC play at Robert E. Lee, an unique and unforgettable book written by William Inge.   

  Picnic distinctly describes the 1950s as one of the influential turning points in the American society when strong patriotism and modest values go against a generation blossoming into its own and discovering its impulses and passions.


PICNIC play2

Hal Carter (J.T. Menchaca) dancing with Madge Owen (Sydney C.)

  Casted seniors of PICNIC were Becky Hernandez (as Helen Potts), J.T. Menchaca (as Hal Carter), Taylor Smith (as Rosemary Sydney), and Andrew Meyer (as Alan Seymour). Thesophomores and juniors in the cast for the play were Sam Abney (as Millie Owens), James Card (as Bomber), Sydney Card (as Madge Owens), Joseph Middleton (as Howard Bevans), Megan Faulkner (as Christine Schoenwalder), Marina DeLeSontos (as Irma Kronkite), and Meghan McCarthy (as Flo Owens).        

PICNIC play3

Hal Carter (J.T. Menchaca) with Madge Owen (Sydney C.)

  On opening night of Thursday, October 21, crowds filled the the Black Box theater room quickly with friends, family and fans of casted students in the play.
Becky Hernandez’s played as an elder lady, Helen Potts, who was one of the lovable, lively, and excited character who had made the audience laugh with classic remarks, gestures and the type of behavior that her character displayed throughout the play.          

PICNIC play4

characters facing difficult time

 The character Hal Carter, played by J.T. Menchaca, was viewed as the boy who seemed to find some form of trouble along the way where ever he went, doing whatever he could to make his escape from having to face legal matter and law enforcement.        

 The play was entertaining for the crowd and the casted students performed really well during the play that had lasted from October 21st at 7 PM until Sunday October 24th at 2:30 PM.   

  “I would’ve washed his mouth thirty times!” Mrs Menchaca expressed regarding the behavior of the character Hal Carter in PICNIC performed by her son J.T. Menchaca during the play.        

  The next Lee play will be Suessical The Musical. Stay tuned with Bugle Call for further news on the Suessical play. 






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