My NBA Power Rankings Top 4

1Los Angeles Lakers – I have to have the Los Angeles Lakers at number 1 I don’t like the Lakers but they have best player in the world right now and there the defending champions and they are playing like champions undefeated still and Kobe said his knee isn’t 100 percent thats hard to believe when he just had a triple double and had 12 assists wow this was a big game for him but as long as 24 is healthy L.A. will be #1 in a tough western conference.

2. The Boston Celtics- I have the Celtics number two in my power rankings because they are just playing great basketball right now they lost a fluke game in Cleveland but they have the best point guard in the NBA my favorite point Rajon Rondo who is playing like a leader 82 assists through 5 games (NBA Record) this Celtics team is hot right now as long as Rondo is running the point this team will be #1 or #2 team in the Eastern conference.

3. Miami Heat- I have this Miami team at number 3 because there first 2 game they struggled facing a tough Boston team but Miami it was the big 3’s first game playing together just finding there chemistry i would like to see Miami and Boston again right now this would be a whole different game. Lebron,Wade and Bosh and the Heat blowing out teams easy beating the Orlando Magic by 23 points and winning like they are suppose too. This Miami Heat team will only get better each day. Don’t be surprised if they are number one in the East and have 10 straight wins.

4. San Antonio Spurs- I bet your shocked that the Spurs are so high but Spurs are playing like “The Spurs” winning games beating teams and  Tim Duncan getting double-double. I know your saying well what about New Orleans there undefeated they beat the Spurs well New Orleans will eventually lose especially becuase they are

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