NESA Performs Cats: REVIEW

Cats. An interesting musical, a broadway classic, and a NESA production once again.

Make for Cats begins long before the show starts due to how large the cast is, about over 100 students.

The musical begins by explaining what cats, well, what they are. From a cats perspective of course. It goes on for about two hours introducing the different cats in the musical. The story leads up to the Tribe leader Old Deuteronomy choosing a cat to “Journey to the Heaviside Layer”. Basically like a Cat Heaven, where they can, in a sense, move on to a new life.

If you are a Cats lover, then NESA does a pretty great rendition of the original. The set is phenomenal; if you don’t go to see the play, go to see the amazing set design the NESA Visual Artists and Technical Theater student created.

The Musical Theater students are always top notch. They perform with much enthusiasm, and go full-heartedly into their characters. Madison Tinder and Lindsey Mader are quite exceptional performers, and two that definitely stand out throughout the show. Tinder showing off explemplary dance skills, and Mader delivers an emotional part as Grizabella the Glamour cat.

Jesse Saltzman and Walker Brown perform their scene playing Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.

Grizabella is an old cat who is no longer in her prime. She is excluded by the other cats who shy away from her, and all she wants is to be happy again like the memory of her days in the sun. Mader performs the iconic song ‘Memory’ and does a fantastic job.

The songs are fun. The choreography is great and keeps the audience’s attention. This NESA production isn’t my favorite, but they do a good job with what they have been given.

Feleacia Quezergue practices one of the many routines for the show.

The production runs from Nov. 4-7 and 11-14. This gives everyone plenty of time to see the show, eight opportunities in fact. See the show, support the arts, and have fun!

Photos By Konner Barrick

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