The Problem With Tardies

The new school year brings shorter classes, and , unfortunately, a new way to deal with tardies. The current system takes up too much time to process our tardies, time we can’t afford to waste since we now have  less class time than the last year (only 50 minutes instead of 90.) 

We don’t have time to waste on tardies when we could be using that same time for learning. That seemingly meager five minute wait to get a pass to class eats up class time you could’ve used for studying, especially in harder classes such as calculus and physics.

And it doesn’t help that sometimes kids can’t even find the tardy enforcers in this big school, which leads for them to go to class without  a pass. The student is told by the teacher that he or she must have a pass to class or else they will not be allowed in.

Many students are at risk of being counted as truant and possibly marked absent if they take too long to get the pass. These problems could be avoided if there was another way to process tardies, such as the possibility of teachers marking you absent or late in class. This gives students more class time and also saves paper (not all of those passes are likely recycled.)

Without a solid solution, tardies will continue to be a problem. All students can hope for is that they eventually learn the shortcuts of the school and continue to make an effort to get to class on time.

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