Lakers and Hornets stay perfect as Hawks go down

NBA this past weekend only had three undefeated teams left Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Hornets and Atlanta Hawks.

The Lakers had two games  and they had beat Toronto Raptors on Friday and then dominated the Portland Trailblazers, just toying with the young team, on Sunday. The Lakers stayed perfect for the season with a great start by a healthy Kobe Bryant.

The New Orleans Hornets, the fact they they have been undefeated team was seemingly a fluke, but CP3 (Chris Paul) and his Hornets proved that theory wrong. The Hornets played a great game against the Miami Heat and the Hornets beat them in great fashion.

Two of the three undefeated teams stayed perfect but the Atlanta Hawks went down against the Phoenix Suns. Steve Nash lead the Suns to take down an undefeated despite Hawks forward Joe Johnson’s career high 34 points and Al Horford with 30 plus points.

The Hawks no longer undefeated, have narrowed the field to two undefeated teams in the Western Conference; the Hornets and defending champion Lakers. In a tough conference I doubt they will maintain and  have double digit wins with no losses but in the NBA anything can happen.

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