Earth Club Forever Green

cc by Justin Strohschein

Earth club teaches us some way to save the environment little by little. Here are some ways to save the environment…

  • when leaving a room turn off all the light and lights that are not being used.
  • unplug any electronics not being used
  • wash cloths with warm or cold water not hot
  • don’t wash dishes with the water running continuously
  • use cold water or warm when possible
  • water grass early in the morning

How do you affect the environment? Well…

  • Not eating local products, which causing food to be flown in from across the country, thereby wasting gas and releasing fumes into the the atmosphere.
  • choosing plastic bags at the grocery store, which is release toxinsinto the air when they are produced
  • purchasing lots of plastic water bottles instead of buying a water filter.

Join Earth Club.

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