Bands At The White Rabbit This Month

-on Nov. 12 @ 7p.m. Call to Preserve w/Vernia, Dead Icons, Messagers, and Thin Ice with The Movement.
@ 10p.m Iration- The Movement
-on Nov. 13 @ 7p.m. Mozart Season
-on Nov. 14. The Autumn Offering
@ 7p.m. Full Blown Chaos with Brotherhood @8p.m.
-on Nov. 17 @ 7p.m. The Movement Tour-Miss May I
-on Nov. 18 @ 7p.m. Meg & Dia
-on Nov. 19 @ 7p.m. Brotherhood-OCEANO
-on Nov. 20 @ 8p.m. Misfits
-on Nov. 22 Twiztid
-on Nov. 23 @5p.m. Fearless Friends Tour-Fearless Friends w/ Mayday Parade
-on Nov. 24 Nitzer Ebb
-on Nov. 25 @8p.m. SUN-DAY Special Guests TBA
-on Nov. 26 @5p.m. Dinero
@8p.m Ammo for My Arsenal
-on Nov. 28 @8p.m House of the Ditch

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