Jazz Comebacks In The Panhandle

The Utah Jazz have made history with three comebacks wins in a row but the comebacks that I thought were impressive were the back to back games against two power house east teams Miami Heat and Orlando Magic on the road. The Utah jazz are a force to be reckoned with after two big wins on the road.

With point guard Deron Williams and and so many weapons for the Utah Jazz Al Jefferson Paul Millsap Andrei Kirilenko C.J Miles Raja Bell.This Utah team has been quiet but now they are showing they are playoff contender.

The comeback in Miami was impressive down 22 points and win in overtime. You would think this Utah Jazz team will be tired and lose against Orlando Magic after a hard fought win in Miami. Jazz were down the whole game but they fought hard in second half especially fourth quarter.

I thought this was hilarious Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy said in the huddle he said to his team “alright were doing good but we started off the quarter like that team last night” he was talking about Miami Heat. Stan Van Gundy was pretty much telling his team they are not going to blow this game.

The Jazz thought otherwise and Deron Williams lead his team to victory once again. Not just coming back from 16 point deficit they also won by 10 points and just winning two big games on back to back nights. If Utah Jazz come in your city and your team is up don’t think your team has won the game you can ask Magic and Heat fans.

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