Jazz Put The Heat Out

The Miami Heat may go down again as NBA’s  most hyped team in history because they are not living up to it. Last night at home in Miami they were were 55 to 30 in 3rd quarter and people watching this game were thinking, “Oh another Miami Heat blowout win.”

Well the Utah Jazz thought otherwise.

The Heat, thinking they had this game put away, never saw it coming. The Jazz fought back. With Miami up by six points with 25 seconds left, everyone was thinking “game over, Heat win,” No, no,no.

Utah Jazz keep fighting to the last minute as Paul Millsap hit a three pointer to bring them within three points, Miami up 99  to 96. The Heat went to the free throw line with 19 seconds left and the score 101 to 96. The Jazz come back again with, guess who, Millsap who hit another three pointer and the Jazz are down 101 to 99. Millsap posted a career-high game with 46 and never let up.

Miami Heat hit two free throws with 10 seconds left in the game and the score 103 to 99. And guess who, yes you got it right, Millsap again hits a three pointer and the Jazz are down by one. The Heat came back to get fouled and go to the free throw line. Wade was at the line shooting two big free throws but missed one leaving the lead at two, 104 to 102.

The Jazz call a time out to advance the ball to half court, the ball is inbound and thrown to the corner to CJ Miles he shoots the three pointer and misses but there for the rebound is, again, Millsap. With 1.3 seconds left in the game he laid it in at the buzzer and the game goes into over time.

The Jazz make the first shot in overtime and score is 106 to 104 but the Heat come back with the ball looking to score. Wade scores and the game is tied. Miami scores at the free throw line and then scores again 109 to 106 and Utah makes one of one free throw score is 109 to 107 and Wade just scores again game is now 111 to 107.

The game looked like it had been put away and the Miami heat have won the game. Guess who yes again Paul Millsap hits to big free throws. The Jazz get the ball back and Andre Kirilenko hits a big three pointer to give the Jazz the lead 112 to 109. Andre Kirilenko hits big free throws to give Jazz 3 point lead 114 to 111. The game is on the line and Wade hits a three pointer from the corner to tie the game.

20 seconds left the Utah Jazz go to the free throw line as Francisco Elson gets fouled by Dwayne Wade the and go’s to the free throw line 0.4 seconds left and Jazz hit both free throws to win the game. I thought this game was game of the week great game very exciting and to some people an upset victory by the Jazz.

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