Jonny Craig = singer x 3

Jonny Craig, current lead singer of , Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, and Isles and Glaciers, is being passed around.

Not in the literal sense but he is singing for three bands at the moment. His first band Dance Gavin Dance kicked him out because he “promoted the wrong things,” apparently he supported suicide, and was a major heroin addict. The band also had argues that they didn’t want to deal with all the time.

So as soon as Jonny Craig was kicked out he started a solo album, and finished it, then moved on to Emarosa.

Now Dance Gavin Dance was left without a singer, so they picked up Kurt Travis, who changed the band to a more funky and singing band, but they still had the heavy aspects the old Dance Gavin Dance had.

Dance Gavin Dance put out an album with Kurt Travis, and now they are bringing Jonny Craig back.

Now, you think what about Emarosa, and they are still on tour, so Jonny Craig will be singing for three bands at a time.

Also, where is Kurt Travis going? He will stay in Dance Gavin Dance, but will not be singing.

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