‘She Said Yes’ Book Review

April 20, 1999 forever changed America when two rampaging students at Columbine High School in Denver, Colorado went on a shooting spree, killing 13 classmates, one teacher and then themselves. It’s hard to believe that it has already been 10 years since the massacre.

But now, the mother of one of the victims speaks about her daughter. In “She Said Yes,” Misty Bernall talks about her daughter Cassie’s tumultuous journey from damnation to salvation. Once a rage filled young woman who hung out with the wrong crowd, engaged in self mutilation and wrote letters of how much she hated her parents(and even threatened to kill them), Cassie found a way out of her personal snares and, through her faith and family’s love, chose to embrace life with courage, conviction and live completely for God.

On the day of the bloodbath at Columbine, 17 year old Cassie was in the library studying when the killers came in. One of them put the gun to her head and asked her the infamous question “Do you believe in God?” With slight hesitation, she said “Yes”(hense the title)and because of this she was murdered. After 10 years since the shootings, Cassie Bernall is still known across the nation as “The girl who said ‘yes.'” This is one of the most gripping and inspiring stories to come out of the tragedy at Columbine and should be read by every parent and every teenager.

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