Goree Sparks Music With Bass

William Goree is an elite Orchestra member. I (Joey) and my Photographer (Nathan) got the chance for an exclusive interview to shed some light on this very successful Bassist.

So Will, How long have you been playing Bass?

About five years, give or take.

Did you ever get private lessons?

I still do!

Do they help?

Oh yeah they help a lot. Definitely worth the time.

Did you ever reconsider Bass?

Only when I’m carrying it long distances. But no I plan to stick with what I’m good at.

Ha yeah that sounds like a drag! So do you consider yourself the best bassist in Orchestra, or at least the most successful  Bass player?

I can’t necessarily say I’m the best but, I can admit sometimes I feel like I’m a “Demigod” of Bass Playing.

Nice. What is your long term goal for Bass?

I really just want to play so well I justify being picked for All State.

What is the highest rank a Bass player can make

That would be first chair Bass in Symphony. It would be great if I made it that far!

Why do you like Bass so much?

It has a great range of sounds. The Bass has the lowest tone in orchestra, but it’s also capable of exceptionally high tones for such a large instrument.

What is the best part of playing in all state?

I love a challenge. For some its about being the best, for me its just a great learning experience to play with other great bass players.

How has Prado helped you become the Bassist you are today?

I’ve only had Mr. Prado for a year now, but what I get from him is energy and love for music. I really do believe you have to be having fun to do your best.

What styles does Prado have you play?

We play Classic, Rock and Roll, and Pop, but mostly Classic.

Do you see yourself Playing Bass for a career?

I’ll take what comes to me. If it’s Bass then great, if not I’ll probably              keep it as a hobby, because I want my life to always be musical.

Nobody knows where the road will take Goree but after hearing him play I personally think the music world will gladly welcome such talent. Good luck to you Will, I’m sure you’ll make Lee proud!

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