Spurs Are 2nd Best in the West and NBA

Spurs have been called “old” and not as much of a contender and the San Antonio Spurs fans take that as an insult. Ye,s the Spurs are old but they have experience and have four titles to prove it.

Spurs are the L.A. Lakers biggest threat because the rest of the teams in the Western Conference have never been in NBA finals more than once. In 10 of the last 11 NBA Finals the team emerging from the West is either the San Antonio Spurs or the Los Angeles Lakers.

Currently, the Spurs are playing “SPURS Basketball.” They are beating teams they should be beating and beating good teams by double digits. The Spurs have so many weapons on the court and they are using them effectively. Tim Duncan is also getting his rest because other players have stepped up. A healthy Tim Duncan come playoff time means Spurs vs Lakers.

San Antonio own the second best record in the Western Conference and NBA behind the New Orleans Hornets, who are still undefeated. The Hornets gave the Spurs their only loss but don’t worry Spurs will get to play Hornets team again. November 28th going to be exciting game.

As an NBA fan i love to see a team like the Spurs back on top of the world. Everyone in San Antonio would be chanting and screaming “drive for five”. NBA anything can so as fans all we can do is watch NBA 2010-2011 season and watch the worlds best sport.

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