ATTENTION TEACHERS: Stay With Your Homework Schedule

This school year, a new homework rule has been enforced that each subject has an assigned homework turn-in day.

On even numbered calendar days, such as the 2nd, 4th or 6th of November, homework for math, social studies, foreign language, PE/health, and ROTC is due. On odd numbered days, 1, 3, 5, etc. homework for all science, English, career and technology, and fine arts is due.

Even though this is a new rule, head administrators have highly enforced it upon the teachers to follow this rule. Well teachers, some of  you are lacking. Because of the new schedules of having seven classes a day, students are not used to being crammed with so much homework, better yet only having one night to do it.

Students are becoming overwhelmed with homework.

Senior Tory Ramirez says, “Every night I am overwhelmed with homework in at least six of my classes, and sometimes I have three tests in a day, if teachers just followed their schedules, this wouldn’t be happening.”

I can understand why teachers may get confused and fall behind in their homework scheduling; lessons plan may fall behind, and the schedule gets messed up. But teachers need to realize that grades will fall when students have homeowork and tests in more than two core classes for a night. All in all, for the sake of the students grades at Robert E. Lee, please continue, or begin, following your homework schedule.

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