Hate List:book review

What do you do when the person you love does something unspeakable? What if the thing they do puts the lives of people in danger?

What if they found a book that you both made with the names of the victims?

What if Both of you were blamed for the act?

That’s what happens to Valerie Leftman when her boyfriend, Nick Levil shoots up their high school, Garvin High. With confusion and fear as she sees kids go down with the shot of a gun, she runs to Nick to stop it all until she stops a bullet herself and unexpectedly becomes a hero.

Now if only everyone saw it that way.

At the end of it all Nick shoots himself  leaving Valerie to explain what would of caused it; she must of known,she was his girlfriend after all. Valerie’s life is changed dramatically as she gets unwanted attention from the hospitals, an overbearing mother along with a hateful dad.

Old friends won’t talk to her, popular girls want to hang out with her and to top it all of she has a therapist. With the school looking to her to assume the position of the enemy and her family looking away, she is lost. She still loves Nick but how can she when he left her with all of this?

Valerie soon discovers that although she is lost doesn’t mean she needs to be alone, making new friends along with finally understanding the lives of the students on the Hate List, she can start new.

I feel that the book was enlightening to the situation and how horrible and real it could be. It’s intriguing and wonderful to the point that  I could not stop reading it, I had finished it in one day and still wanted more.

Hate List was written by Jennifer Brown and can be found in the Lee Library as well as your San Antonio Public Libraries.

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