Marilyn Manson Album Review

He’s every parent’s worst nightmare and every teenager’s dream band.

In 1994, shock rocker Marilyn Manson debuted with his first album Portrait Of An American Family, and boy, was it a debut!

While most of his self-absorbed stabs at edginess subside, this album actually shows us the real “God of Hate” as he lyrically depicts the world as it really is and was when he was a child and showcases the social and moral decay of the average American family life, instead of the studio produced characters from Mechanical Animals and Holy Wood and built up story lines.

Average angst ridden teens can relate to songs like “Lunchbox”(a story about a bullied kid who wants to be a rock star) and “Get Your Gun” (a song about teen violence). Besides it’s somewhat meaningful messages, songs like “Misery Machine” and “Dope Hat” (a song about the dumbness of drug use) give the album a spooky theme. So for any Marilyn Manson fan out there looking for where the saga began or any rebellious teenager looking for an escape from this ultra-conservative world through music, then go buy this album.

It’s worth every penny.

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