Miami Heat Struggling No Supporting Cast

The Miami Heat struggling with a record of 5-4 the Miami Heat are still trying to figure out what kind of team they are.    Lebron James and Dwayne Wade looking for there help off the bench.

The Miami Heat have no true point guard and don’t have a true center those are two of the biggest positions in the NBA. Lebron playing point guard is good but it is also bad it can’t take a toll on him bringing the ball down every play and Lebron is great bringing the ball down and getting his teammates involved.

The thing is he is also great moving without the ball but Heat are still trying to figure out what kind of team they are Bosh needing to step up. Rajon Rondo who is my favorite point guard exposed the Miami Heat defense Rondo drove into paint and just slammed the ball in uncontested. Wade this is his team and needs to be the co-captain he is and show that this Miami team is a contender this year.

I know that next year and years to follow this Miami Heat team will be a contender but we are all talking about the present right now and they are not living up to the hype. The next games we will have to see how they manage to play especially Lebron he has so much on his shoulders right now.

Lebron James is who everyone is watching the man who sacrificed money and stats averaging a career low 22 points a game. Maybe Lebron is having second thoughts or maybe he will become leader and change this team into to what we thought was a super team. Miami Heat so much hype but lets see how this team steps up in these next games.

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