Are Flickr Pro Accounts Worth It?

Is getting a Pro Flickr account worth it for the aspiring photographer? Flickr has become the Facebook for people who are interested in photography. Flickr only gives 100 MB free, and after you have to pay $24.95 for unlimited usage for a year.
At a glance, this could be a turn off for a beginner and it actually discouraged me personally because I didn’t read all the offers. The next day it left me curious of what actually came with the $24.95 package.

But I discoverd, most importantly, it comes with a whole year of unlimited upload usage. That is more than the aspiring photographer could ask for. I truly recommend Flickr to the aspiring photographer to expose their creativity to the world which each day becomes more digital. So the answer to the question I made earlier if it was worth it to upgrade to the $24.95, It’s totally worth it if you interested in photography.

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