M or F? A Novel By Lisa Papademetriou And Chris Tebetts

 This book is about  a girl and a boy, who are best friends, Marcus and Frannie. Marcus homosexual. Him and Frannie are ‘brain twins.’ They do everything together. Frannie starts to like one of the most popular guys at school, Jeffery. Franny and Marcus go on a school chatting website to ‘spy’ on Jeffrey. Marcus convinces Frannie to volunteer to help with ‘Green Up Day’ because Jeffery is going to be there. So Frannie messages Jeffrey on the chatting website and said she was going to be there. But he didn’t know who he was talking to. So he took a guess and gave Frannie flowers because he thought it was her. And he was right!! Jeffery starts to really like Frannie. As time goes by they start to talk more and more on the chatting website. Then things start getting out of hand.

To find out what happens between everybody go check out this book from the library. 😀

Here’s a link to Lisa’s website.

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