Top 5 iPhone Apps

Ever since Apple released the App Store, thousands of apps have been added to the store. Apple has a section called “Most Popular” for the apps that have been downloaded the most and have been rated the highest. But are the apps in that section really the best ones to get?

Here are my top 5:

5. Cartoon Wars 2 – It’s not really that great to be playing on your free time, but it gets you through boring clasees.

4. Download Pro – If you know where to download music or videos, this app can download it, and play it with its built in player.

3. Picfree – Kind of pricy, but it works great. It allows you to send MMS for free once you buy the app to any US, Canada, or Mexico cell phone number

2. Textfree – It’s a great free app. It gives your device a free number for other people to text you, and you can text back for free.

1. Skyfire Web Browser – It’s a web browser just like Safari, but it has some useful features that Apple hasn’t put in Safari. Most importantly, it supports flash on some web sites, and the list of working web sites are growing everyday.

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